April 17, 2023

Safeguarding Adolescents to Participate Meaningfully and Safely in Virtual and Digital Events

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The Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP) developed this resource to support organisations and partners to support the participation of adolescents in virtual events and workshops. We are keen to make sure that adolescents participation in these virtual space is not only useful and fun, but also safe!

This visual illustrates AGIP’s safeguarding process and approach:

Digital safeguarding for virtual events

AGIP’s Safeguarding Package includes:

  1. AGIP Safeguarding Kit for adolescent and young leaders that outlines the code of conduct, tips on networking safely online and, reporting mechanisms and focal points from Plan International and Girls Not Brides as the lead agencies on safeguarding.
  2. Template for Consent Form to be used by AGIP members and partners when hosting online engagements with adolescents and youth. Including guidance to use electronic tools to collect signatures.
  3. Event Risk Assessment Tool to map all potential and possible risks rated against likelihood and impact to help plan for the needed safeguarding measures to put in place for online events, calls and workshops with adolescent girls and youth participation.

If you wish to use these tools and/or adapt them to your own use and the specific events and engagements you are planning with adolescents, please do so while providing credit to the Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP) and its partners.

For more information on this safeguarding kit and/or questions on its adaptation to your use, please email AGIP.Youth@girlsnotbrides.org