April 17, 2023

Strategic Adolescent and Youth advocacy in Generation Equality

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As part of AGIP’s advocacy strategy within Generation Equality, we have organised a number of virtual engagements, dialogues and meetings with girl and youth-led organisations, adolescent girls, youth networks and groups to craft strategic messages on adolescents girls priorities within each of the 6 Action Coalitions of GE.

These activities resulted in co-drafting the following reports:

Generation Equality Strategic Plan with and for Girl and Youth Engagement: “It’s time to do things differently”

On May 22nd, 2020, nearly 100 adolescent girls and young people came together with members from AGIP and Beijing+25 Youth Task Force, to co-create a strategic plan to influence the Generation Equality process to foster the meaningful participation of girl- and youth-led organisations. See below report that outlines what they want to see in 5-years as a result of GE.

Youth Voices in Generation Equality and Action Coalitions: “We all have ambitions, we have dreams. We are the scientists, the members of parliament. We are the Presidents.”

On 17th September, 2020, the Adolescent Girl Investment Plan (AGIP)1 in collaboration with the Generation Equality Youth Task Force hosted two intergenerational dialogues between Action Coalition leaders and over 150 girls and young people. They shared their ideas on how they want to engage in Generation Equality and the Action Coalitions and spoke to the issues that are important to them. Action Coalition leaders shared their plans and their reflections on meaningful girls’ engagement.

Las Voces de las y los adolescentes y jóvenes en las Coaliciones para la Acción del Foro Generación Igualdad: “Todas tenemos ambiciones, tenemos sueños. Somos las científicas, miembros del parlamento. Somos las Presidentas”.

El 17 de septiembre, 2020, el Plan de Inversión para las Adolescentes (AGIP-por sus siglas en inglés)1, en colaboración con el Grupo de Trabajo sobre la Juventud de Generación Igualdad, organizó dos diálogos intergeneracionales entre los líderes de la Coalición para la Acción y más de 150 niñas, adolescentes y jóvenes. Ellas compartieron sus ideas sobre cómo quieren participar en Generación Igualdad y las Coaliciones para la Acción y hablaron de las cuestiones que son importantes para ellas. Los líderes de las Coaliciones para la Acción compartieron sus planes y sus reflexiones sobre la participación significativa de las niñas.

Adolescent Girls Dialogue on Feminist Movements and Leadership

Preparation session and main dialogue reports

On 10 February, 2021, the Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP) and the Generation Equality Youth Task Force (YTF) held a participatory workshop with adolescent girls as a preparatory session to the dialogue on the 18th. Building on the outcomes of previous youth consultations, participants identified key actions specific to supporting adolescent girls as leaders and within feminist movements over the next five years. Participants included 12 adolescent girls from Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa and 5 young people, including from the Generation Equality Youth Task Force (YTF). Six AGIP members and the GE YTF acted as facilitators.

On 18 February, 2021, adolescent girls and representatives from the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Feminist Movements and Leadership will come together for an intergenerational exchange on the specific needs and actions for adolescent girls. The main objective for this dialogue is to create a space where adolescent girls’ recommendations can be heard directly by AC leaders and inform their thinking as they draft the coalition’s priority actions and blueprint. Specifically, the focus is for Action Coalition Leaders and girls to jointly develop the key action and related tactics for adolescent girls within feminist movements and leadership.

Photography: Nathalie Bertrams © GAGE