August 23, 2023

Where is the Money? Funding adolescent girls and young feminist

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On 18 July 2023, through an intergenerational dialogue hosted by adolescent girls, AGIP brought together adolescent girls, young feminist-led organisations, donors, researchers, and intermediary civil society organisations to identify challenges, showcase innovative solutions, and workshop what needs to shift to make funding more accessible for adolescent girls and young feminist-led initiatives.

The conversations at the event highlighted once again that adolescent girls and young feminists are at the forefront of responding to crises and inequalities that affect them and their communities. Despite the large number of youths globally, they represent a demographic that is chronically underfunded – and the more marginalised their intersecting identities are, the lower the funding seems to go. Yet, funding adolescent girls and young feminists and interventions that target them holistically is the only way we stand a chance atachieving SDG 5 – Gender Equality.