March 9, 2023

AGIP’s Call to Action on International Women’s Day 2023

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This International Women’s Day, in 2023, gender equality is still a long way off. And adolescent girls – although making up 33% of the global female population – are still one of the most marginalised demographics globally. To realise a world in which adolescent girls have the voice, choice, and agency to determine their own futures, we must support and resource adolescent girls’ unique needs.

Together with girls worldwide, we call on all donors and decision-makers to shift power and resources to adolescent girls and young feminist-led organisations.

Our Calls to Action on Accountability for Adolescent Girls and Resourcing Adolescent Girls showcase the urgency for shifting power and resources. They also include a set of clear demands, which were co-developed with adolescent girls during our events over the last 18 months.

Are you an Action Coalition Leader interested in GEF accountability for girls? Or a donor interested in funding young feminist-led organisations? Contact the AGIP Secretariat for collaboration opportunities.

AGIP Advocacy Call to Action: Resourcing
AGIP Advocacy Call to Action: Accountability

July 27, 2021

AGIP’s Generation Equality Commitments


AGIP is proud to work in partnership to achieve our commitment to amplify and support adolescent girls’ leadership in the ongoing Generation Equality process.

The Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP) is a global, intergenerational coalition working to affect change for adolescent girls by closing the persistent gap between resources, evidence, and commitments for adolescent girls.

Building on the recommendations in the Young Feminist Manifesto, AGIP will amplify and support adolescent girls’ leadership and the community-driven organizations central to their participation in the GEF process and ACs, support the Adolescent Girls Advisory Body and Youth Task Force to ensure that these spaces are girl and adolescent friendly and gender-inclusive, build the capacity of adolescent girls to develop and use evidence and best practice to inform their advocacy and support adolescent girls so they are centered in GEF accountability mechanisms and have meaningful engagement and co-leadership. Where gaps exist in processes, AGIP will create, resource, and advocate for meaningful participation, leadership, and decision making.

This is a collective AGIP commitment from Women Deliver, Plan International, Girls Not Brides, Amplify Girls, GAGE, She Decides, Malala Fund, and ICRW.