Generation Equality Engagement To Date

The Generation Equality Forum or GEF in short was held last year in Mexico and Paris. It launched a 5-year journey to achieve gender equality, with actions and commitments on various thematic areas, including 40 billion US Dollars in financial commitments. AGIP selected GEF as the key global policy and advocacy platform to ensure that adolescent girls and youth leaders to come together to say how they would like to be engaged in the process.

In doing the work shared below, AGIP has ensured and evolved in our practices to meaningfully include adolescent girls. The first few spaces created to hear from adolescent girls and youth leaders were designed to be ‘consultations’. During the consultations, AGIP together with adolescent girls and youth leaders collectively created a strategic plan for girl and youth engagement in GEF. From consultations, AGIP progressed to creating intergenerational dialogues where adolescent girls and youth leaders could directly engage with the leadership of GEF processes like the UN Women and Action Coalition leaders. And ultimately, moved to co-creating, co-designing and co-facilitating dialogues or events with adolescent girls and youth leaders in advance o to ensure that they receive sufficient support.

AGIP has progressed from connecting adolescent girl leaders with GE stakeholders through intergenerational dialogues to supporting adolescent girl leaders such that they are able to entirely design and lead such dialogue spaces with key stakeholders based on their priorities. AGIP’s safeguarding practices are dynamic in nature and continue to transform with each girl and young leaders engagement.

Please find the summary reports and recordings of our past events below.

Generation Equality Accountability for Adolescent Girls

Event recording and summary

Young Leaders’ Open Space Dialogue

Event summary

AGIP’s Generation Equality Commitments

Commitments made

Adolescents lead the dialogue on accountability for gender equality

Event recording and summary

The Road to Generation Equality Forum: An Opportunity to Accelerate Progress with Adolescents and Young People


Will It Be Youth Participation or Co-Creation in Generation Equality?


CSW65: Adolescent Girls Dialogue on Feminist Movements, Leadership and Accountability in Generation Equality

Event recording and summary

Intergenerational Dialogue with leaders of Generation Equality Action Coalition 6

Event summary

UNGA75: Adolescent girls’ vision for accountability in Generation Equality

Event recording

Youth Voices in Generation Equality and Action Coalitions

Event summary in English

Event summary in Spanish

Generation Equality Strategic Plan with and for Girls and Youth

Event summary