Our global advocacy focuses on ‘Shifting power and resources to adolescent girls’. We urge global decision-makers and powerholders to take responsibility for ensuring that accountability and resource mechanisms and tools for adolescent girls are accessible, participatory, well-resourced, and supported.

At AGIP, we centre adolescent girls’ voice, choice, and agency. Accordingly, we are adamant that adolescent girls must have direct decision-making power in any political processes that concern their lives. We also strongly believe that resources targeting adolescent girls and young feminist-led organisations should be flexible, long-term, and unrestricted: including a mix of holistic financial and non-financial support. And if you’re a donor – please ensure that adolescent girls benefit directly from your financial commitments!

If you are an adolescent-girl ally, decision-maker, power-holder, donor or any kind of stakeholder interested in finding out more and joining forces to advance our advocacy goals, please contact us. We are always eager to collaborate on the issues that matter most to us.