The AGIP Secretariat provides critical project leadership and management, such as driving strategy implementation; governance processes; member development; and financial sustainability. The Secretariat coordinates AGIP’s diverse stakeholder groups, engagements, and events to ensure adolescent girls, members, the Board, partners, and donors are enabled and empowered to advance AGIP’s overall mission and ambition. The Secretariat contributes with technical advice – specifically in the areas of Meaningful Girl and Youth Engagement (MGYE) and safeguarding – and facilitates, shares, and promotes AGIP’s best-practice in appropriate external spaces. We are happy to serve as your first point of contact for all AGIP enquiries.

Johanna Schulz

Johanna Schulz


People are my passion! I believe that co-creation and collaboration are key to deliver and grow even in challenging environments. I am excited by the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships in driving the transformation needed to create an equitable, sustainable, and resilient future. I strive to challenge the status quo, and to empower individuals and teams to be agents of their own change processes.

Please reach out with any enquiries about global collaboration opportunities, our advocacy goals, research content, and if you wish to learn more about what we do, the way we work, and how to join our coalition.

Pooja Singh
Youth Engagement Officer

I work with and for adolescent girls and young people to ensure we can claim our rightful space in the decisions regarding our lives. While doing so, I specially like to ensure that safety and wellbeing is given utmost priority. I am passionate about centering and supporting young people’s leadership in a way that can lead to shared power, intergenerational leadership, and collective care.

You can contact me for power shifting and safeguarding agendas that center adolescent girls and youth – both within and beyond AGIP.

Florah Muchiri
Communications & Membership Officer

My professional background covers a variety of communications roles across national and international Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs). I am enthusiastic about communication, and it being done in the precise manner that benefits and connects both the organization and the intended target audience. I am also passionate about clear and consistent branding across organizational Information Education Communication (IEC) materials, to advance visibility, grow networks, and ultimately drive greater impact for girls.

You can contact me for membership opportunities, updates on our work, and if you would like to partner to highlight spaces open for girls to occupy.