October 13, 2021

Adolescent Girls and COVID-19:Mapping the evidence on interventions

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With the COVID-19 crisis continuing to evolve, evidence on the effectiveness of short-term emergency-oriented responses and long-term mitigation strategies is expanding but still limited. There are, and will continue to be, substantial evidence gaps on programming to address risk across outcomes of importance to adolescent girls.

More evidence is needed to slow the risks posed by the pandemic for this sub-population, which can help guide gender- and age-responsive prevention and impact mitigation investments. Evidence from approaches delivered in other unstable contexts may offer important lessons for decision-making in the current context. Recognizing this, Population Council conducted a structured review (under the auspices of the AGIP) of existing evidence collected prior to the pandemic, across low- and middle-income country contexts.

March 26, 2021

Strategic Adolescent and Youth advocacy in Generation Equality

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Photographer Nathalie Bertrams ©GAGE

Photographer Nathalie Bertrams ©GAGE

As part of AGIP’s advocacy strategy within Generation Equality, we have organised a number of virtual engagements, dialogues and meetings with girl and youth-led organisations, adolescent girls, youth networks and groups to craft strategic messages on adolescents girls priorities within each of the 6 Action Coalitions of GE.

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